• Universal light adaptor that attaches easily to any remote control device.
  • It works by simply pushing a button giving light to the functions of the remote control making it usable in the dark.
  • Independently powered by 1 x 2032 battery (included).



  • In places where relaxation is necessary such as hospitals, Power plus is an option in many ways.
  • Ideal for nursing homes where people’s vision is impaired.
  • Widely used in hotels, student’s residents, hostels, bed and breakfast, anywhere where people come and go.
  • And of course in your home. It is very easy to use and install in any remote control device. Whether it is for TV, DVD, air conditioner, CD player, it can even work on your wireless phone.
  • Power plus is very versatile and you can attach it to any remote control. Positioning it at the end of the remote control can serve as a flashlight.
  • At last we can get the full usage of our TV and its performance to see it as if we were in the cinema, with the lights off and without worrying that we will not be able to use the remote control. Getting full enjoyment of your favourite programs, series etc.



  • Straight out of the box it is recommended to stretch open the clamp a little wider than the remote control before attaching it.

VISUAL QUALITY – take advantage of your TV and its benefits as if you were in the cinema.

SAVING ENERGY – turn off the light and switch on the Power plus.

COMFORT – using the remote control without disturbing anybody.

MULTI-PURPOSE – for use in homes, residences, hospitals, etc.


Would you like to save on your electricity bill?

It has a powerful Led, range of up to 3.5 meters, which allows you to focus and find your belongings quickly and comfortable and help you control your TV. Using Power plus for 1 minute daily, its powerful battery can last for a year and a half.

Power Plus does not generate heat, so it doesn’t burn (80% of the power consumed becomes light, unlike the incandescent bulb, which loses the same percentage in the form of heat).

Save energy with Power +, its practical led light will consume up to 85% less than traditional bulbs. . So turn off the light and turn on Power +.

luzmandopowerplus@gmail.com       Tlfs.: +34 666585912 / +34 626133786 

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